• KFC-XS1704
  • KFC-XS1704
  • KFC-XS1704
  • KFC-XS1704

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XS-series, Hi-Res Audio Certified, 17cm Component Speaker

XS-series ultra-high grade speaker that deliver high density realistic sound and a spatial sound impression. The new 17cm component speaker KFC-XS1704 are precisely designed for High-Resolution Audio by using High Rigid Glass Fiber Diaphragm, Magnietic Circuit with Aluminum Ring and Phase Correcting Diffuser. High-Res Sound is Refined Further with 2-Way Tweeter.This unique 2-way tweeter creates a wide range of sound as each of the 2 tweeters reproduces a different frequency band delivering clarity and fullness.
  • Swifel Capability

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17cm 2-way, 4-speaker system
45W Rated input power (RMS)
Golden glass fiber & non-woven woofer cone
Special phase plug with center dip design
AFC and Tornado spider damper.
Optimized magnetic circuit with aluminum short ring
Unique 2-way tweeter with swivel application
Outer (hard) and inner (soft) tweeter diaphragm
High-res audio compatible
Attached crossover network